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Monday, October 21, 2002

Nearly full when I arrived today, squeezed in between Mark the reporter and a silent older gentleman. Gary was giving one of the girls a hard time because she hadn’t worn her tube top.

My dad would hate this place, with Gary picking fries off customers’ plates, teasing customers in a personal way and the rough talk, but I love it, even when I have no idea what they’re talking about. (Maybe it’s better when I don’t know. That’s my theory anyway.)

Mark looks sharp, losing the hockey jersey he usually wears in favor of a brilliant white dress shirt and tie. I don’t care what anyone says, he’s dressed for a girl, not his job . . . I mean, come on, he’s a reporter! Now whaddya suppose the middle initial E stands for? His last name sounds Irish, so a good Catholic saint name perhaps . . . Edward? Eric? Surely his parents weren’t so unkind as to name him Mark Eustace or Eutropious!

The search is on . . .

Met Stalker4 today. She admitted following Gary home, although she say she didn’t follow him all the way home. We’ll see.

So far Gary is not back together with Stalker3. I think I’ll start a pool to pick how long this breakup will last. Could be fun. I’m beginning to almost think that perhaps this time he’ll stick to his guns. Not there yet.

Next time I hope to tell you more about the diner and about Gary. Maybe I’ll include the link to the page where a guest sadly called him “blatently heterosexual”. Maybe not. I’d still like to be allowed back at the diner.


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