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Monday, October 28, 2002

Just before noon the diner is fairly quiet with only three or four diners at best. The guys are relaxed and happy today as I sweep in. (I never walk in my red leather boots, I sweep or I glide, saunter or sashay on the three and a half inch heels.)

The trouble with going early is that the hunger pangs have not coalesced into definable urges. At this point all I know is I want something hot, cause my cold has turned into a fever and I have been shivering all morning long. I finally decide on a breakfast burrito, an unusual choice for me, as I rarely eat eggs at lunch time. It’s awfully good, although it’s carbs and fats all the way.

The diner quickly fills to SRO, and once the older lady with the painted on eyebrows leaves, its 18 guys and me. Oh boy. I’m not the only one in a breakfast mood, as three guys in a row order “the Grump”, hash browns, sausage, ham or bacon with three or four eggs cooked your way, covered in country gravy, green chili or both and smothered with cheese. This is one of those four-inch high meals that could feed an entire developing third world country for a day.

One guy spends so much time deciding what to order, I swear I watched his hair turn gray.

Dreadless doesn’t work today, so Gary and Dave manage the place by themselves. It’s really hustling to keep up the orders cooking, prep and clean-up with just two people.

There’s no time to linger for an easy chat today, I came early enough that every seat is in demand, so I cannot stay, even though just before I stand up to go, one of the guys asks, “So Gary, what’s up with your love life?”

He’s not going to say with me there, and grins at me, while I just look at him with a cheerful look as if to say, “I dare you.”

I wonder if something’s up. I think I might win the pool.

Well, back to work for a slamming day. I’ve accomplished nothing that I had planned. Too many emergencies and interruptions. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Diner’s Closed.


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