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Thursday, November 07, 2002

And the saga continues . . .

Driving to work yesterday who did I see pulling out of the diner parking lot? Stalker3!! She is persistent. She has great hair. I think I’ve mentioned that before. (I’m kind of obsessed by great hair lately, as a medical condition is causing my hair to thin rather dramatically. I’m able to hide it pretty well at this point. I hope to stop and then reverse the trend. We’ll see.)

I’ve never understood pursuing the guy. (Okay, my friends will remember the whole Mark Tucker thing back in 4th grade, but that doesn’t count anymore, does it?) Few men really appreciate the whole Stalker thing, although I suppose some men and women are flattered by ANY attention. I’m turned off by anyone who is TOO interested. When you have self-respect, you don’t hang around offering what isn’t wanted. A little dignity please!


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