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Thursday, November 21, 2002

As I haven’t been to the diner in days L, I thought I would let you know what I’ve been up to. Tuesday I had an interview for a second job. After all day in front of a computer, I was pretty sure I didn’t want to do even more computer work after hours, so I applied for a job in retail.

I was totally floored that I was hired on the spot. This should be fun, although there was some testing that I still don’t have the results from which could stop the whole thing. I was told that they are considering putting me in fine jewelry. Cool!

Anyway, I should hear sometime today or tomorrow the results of the tests. I imagine bizarre happenings, like them switching my “test” with that of the rough-looking woman who tested right before me and her showing up clean, while my test looks like a DEA handbook. I imagine my asthma medicine setting off alerts all over the lab, mistaken for some illicit substance I’ve never heard of with only a series of initials for its name.

I can see an FBI alert coming over the wire during a background check, pointing me out as some bank robber or embezzler. Paranoia is an amazing thing.

That was Tuesday.

I’ve been working on my fruitcake. Not the hard bricks sold in King Soopers, dry and bitter, but a luscious recipe made with a variety of dried fruits and nuts soaked in rum. After baking, they sit for 4-6 weeks soaked in rum, they are dark aromatic loaves of heaven. It takes a couple of days to finish baking and costs a small fortune.

If you are a VERY good little girl or boy, perhaps you’ll get one from me.


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