Diner Diaries

Life and Times of a Patron of the King's Chef diner

Monday, November 18, 2002

Gary is awfully cheerful now that he has three days off in a row.

Shortly after I arrive, telling Dave to “surprise me” when he asks what I want to eat, It’s just me, a skinny, non-descript man finishing his meal and a lovely girl with brown upswept hair and beautiful, big, wide eyes and a flawless complexion.

“I got a DUI,” she tells Gary.
“Why’d ya do that?”
“It was stupid.”
We all agree.
“Do you have a lawyer?”
“Why not?”
“I was trying to decide if I should get one or not.”
So Gary hooks her up with the “best DUI lawyer in town.” Now why does it surprise me that he knows this?

Shortly after, the diner is filling rapidly when a tiny, little, true, natural blond comes in. “Hey, Gary.”
He seems please to see her. “What’s up?”
“Just got out of jail.”
“You did not.”
“Yes. I did.” She’s serious, although almost manically cheerful. She looks about fourteen.
“What for?”
“I beat up Pete.”
Gary changes the subject, he thinks.
“Did you ever make up with Gypsy?”
“Oh yeah. She took my kids for me.”
“Where’s Pete?”
“In prison.”
They go out and talk for a minute.
After they return he asks, “So you have court?”
“Yeah, 1 o’clock. They’re going to put me back in.”
“Where are the kids?”
“Rocky’s got ‘em.”
“Do I know him?”
“No. He’s a friend of Pete’s.”

Ohmigosh. Amazingly, this golden gloves champion and her sparring partner have spawned children but do not think it important to provide them with parents who will restrain themselves and actually be there for them. I think I’m going to be sick.


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